First time visitors …

I created this blog with the intention of being a platform for conversation. While inevitably it will become sort of a journal for me, that is the last reason I am writing.

I want to write about what goes through my mind so as to see how that resonates with you. Are you, have you been thinking about this (whatever the post you’re reading)? How does this strike you? How does this play in your life? What is your angle on this? And so on …

Now when I say I am looking for conversation I mean coming to the table with an open attitude that I may be wrong, which is what I am asking of you too. I am not interested in generating a debate, just a straightforward friendly talk.

So, your comment is not only welcomed, it is what this blog feeds on. I desire this blog to be a generative conversation where my post will spur your comment which in turn will further stimulate my own reflection and so spark more conversation.

Though I start new conversations, I ask you to go back and read earlier posts. These are open-ended conversations and your thoughts are important to me. I see this blog as a big conversation accessed through the portal of each post. I do read ALL new comments on earlier posts and interact with them.

Thank you for stopping by …

I invite you to come along with me on my journey.


5 thoughts on “First time visitors …”

  1. Florin

    Greetings from sunny Brisbane, Australia. I found your blog by chance, but it resonates well with me. I appreciate the questions you are asking and find myself agreeing with the sentiments of those who write. I look forward to continuing the journey with you…


  2. Hey Bob,

    I know Florin from our Church in Atlanta… I just moved to Sydney a few months ago and I’m treking the journey… perhaps our paths will cross one day : )


  3. Marius Simionas said:

    Nice to meet you, again!

    I will read and comment after.

    Great family, PTLord!

    A big hug for six.

  4. Dear Florin,
    I will be reviewing your blog more carefully over the next several days. I have doing some research on Emergent Village for an assignment in a Masters graduate program through Liberty University. I find some information not available on the main website for Emergent Village, such as, the cohort page does not encourage people to provide enough information that you can actually “contact” them. The following are the questions I will be searching for answers to: Answer the following questions about the ministry selected:
    1. What are the theological implications of this ministry?
    2. What is their emphasis on corporate worship?
    3. How do they integrate teaching theory and practice of worship?
    4. What would you consider the strengths and weaknesses of the organization?
    5. How do you think they contribute to the body of worship literature available in the evangelical church today?
    If you can direct me to some concise articles of your own or others involved, please write to me very soon. My paper is due this Sunday, May 4.

    I look forward to any response. BTW, I live in upstate New York, near Albany and would be interested in cohort contacts.

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