If God created the natural world, why is it hard to imagine the possibility of the materiality of our existence as reflecting something about how God is? I know, I know, God is spirit, right? But what does that mean? Can we really claim to have figured where spirit ends and matter starts? And, what is matter? Is it atoms or energy or … ? Do we have such a small view of God that he could either be totally immersed in the physical universe (pantheistic) or totally removed and transcendental? Is it that hard for God to be involved here and now, yet not contained by it all? Why do we force ourselves to think about God in either/or terms? Why are we so enamored with a side of God (His transcendence), an attribute we can’t really wrap our minds around anyway, when there is so much of God we can experience right here, right now, with faculties God has gifted us with to know Him, to enjoy Him?

We long to know Him, to experience Him and yet wait for some day after death to fulfill our desires when God has created it all here just for that. I am wondering how insulted God must feel when he sees how low of a view we have of His creation. We want to meet Him and He is right here, surrounding us and showering us with His multifaceted presence. We want to know him in some abstract, spiritual way, when He is cooling us with a breeze and warming us with a sun ray. We look for God in miracles, in some out of this world (supernatural) phenomenon and we miss Him in so many, many ways every single day, every single moment. The question is not where is God, but where are we? As Jesus said it in so many occasions, God’s kingdom, his presence, is in us and all around us, the question is: do we have eyes to see it all, to enjoy Him and live abundantly?

    Matter is the closest we get to understand and more importantly know (experience) God. It is the medium He chose to place us in and the means for communication.

If matter does not matter what can we make of the Incarnation? Matter is the point of contact between God and us. We can’t really know God outside the realm of the material, can we? Last time I checked, matter was God’s idea and he declared it GOOD. If we are spirit and matter and we are made in God’s image, what does that say about God?

This is where you take the conversation further … I’ve raised a lot of questions and I’ve offered some suggestions. What do you think? Engage. Do you see eye to eye or see it differently? What questions did I miss?