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IntroductionOrder – Chaos – Conclusion

Dr. Matthew A. Trump wrote in a crush course on chaos, that until recently “the laws of physics have reflected the complete connection between cause and effect in nature”. Recently (about a 100 years ago), though, scientists have discovered chaotic systems in nature. Think about it, within our perfect, orderly world there is actually chaos!

Now we didn’t need science to tell us that (though it’s helpful when it does). One honest look at our experience and chaos is there to see. It is that which we try to do away with. You don’t hear people saying they want more chaos in their life. If there’s something we strive for, well, that is ORDER. But is it???

Let’s start by stating that order has no meaning apart from chaos. Order by necessity is born out of chaos. Order then breaks down in chaos only to give birth to a new order. And on and on goes the cycle of life as we know it. It is worth to note here that the biblical narrative speaks of God making the world not, as it has been claimed, out of nothing, but out of chaos.

Chaos, though, is something we’re mysteriously drawn toward. Just as we cannot live in complete chaos, we cannot live in complete order either. The fact that we experience boredom speaks of this. We hate routine. We just can’t do the same thing over and over again without experiencing a loss of engagement. No wonder God placed us in a universe that is in constant change (without us fully realizing it). Adventure is what keeps our passions aflame. Chaos is what jolts us out of our routine into something new. Yet we’re afraid of chaos.

    Our drive for control pushes us away from chaos.

We think we need to be on top of things to get fulfillment out of life. We need to be in control of our lives if we are to achieve something meaningful. Yet we know the serenity, peace and deep satisfaction coming from surrender, not always knowing what’s next. We know instinctively that in the unknown, in the confusion, in the chaos there’s something beautiful emerging. But we cannot really delight in it until we stepped into the “unknown”, into chaos.

    In order to step into new horizons and into new paradigms, we need to experience the chaos resulting from shattering of the old ones.

Chaos is also that which brings us together. Perfect order leads to independence. Chaos makes us say: we need each other if we are going to make it. We haven’t figured out everything, we don’t have all the answers … we need each other through the confusion.

Like it or not, chaos is part of our lives, part of our ecosystem. We can welcome it and enter into a dance with it or reject it and try to constantly fight life.

How do you deal with chaos in your life?

How do you experience chaos?