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For centuries, navigators and explorers have searched the heavens for a system that would enable them to locate their position on the globe with the accuracy necessary to avoid tragedy and to reach their intended destinations. On June 26, 1993 the U.S. Air Force launched the 24th Navstar satellite into orbit, completing a network of 24 satellites known as the Global Positioning System, or GPS.

The widespread of all kinds of GPS systems today shows our obsession with having a sense of positioning and direction. This doesn’t stop in the physical realm; it goes into the spiritual, immaterial realm of our soul. There is, in all of us, a deep desire to get a pulse of our soul, to get a position of where we are and the direction of our lives. As a result, we’re looking for anything that can offer us a clue into our soul.

Of all things out there probably money is not something we think about when it comes to taking a pulse of our soul. Yet, as always, Jesus comes with an unexpected thought: where your treasure (money) is, there your heart will be also (Mat 6:21). In other words, if you want to know where your heart is, check where your money is going. Our finances are a great picture of our soul: loyalties, priorities, passions, values etc.

So next time we want to do a soul check-up (recommended regularly BTW), we need to take our checkbook, our bank statements and track our money. We will be amazed how much they speak. Money goes only where we tell them to go and what we tell them says a lot about us.

How is your soul?