Parenting is a great parable God has given us to live in to teach us some of the deepest truths of life. In dealing with our children we have a glimpse into understanding God’s dealings with us.

Have you been in situations where you thought God (at least your understanding of God) just doesn’t make any sense? That life (at least in that moment or chapter) would rule God out, that in light of that God could not be explained? It seems totally incomprehensible to me that God would actually plan these in our life regularly so as to fortify our trust in Him, to make us live by faith not by sight. These are defining times when either we loose faith or build it even stronger. But why, why would He take the risk?

Like children who don’t understand their parents, yet they are “forced” to live with them because they don’t have an alternative … this is their family, while it may not make sense at times they feel a strong sense of belonging there, they feel at home, they feel good there, so is with us in our relationship with God. We may run but we can’t deny our soul cravings that are satisfied nowhere but at home, with God. In times like these trying to understand or figure God is a recipe for disaster. The only way it seems we can live with sanity and enjoy life is to trust God.

If your God makes perfect sense all the time you may want to check if He’s real.