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Sunday around noon after we got home and settled in our comfortable couches, what seemed to be a familiar sensation has suddenly overtaken both of us. My wife is usually doing a fantastic job in taking care of this basic need but today it was all on me and it didn’t look good. As we lazily looked at each other there was one question that was surfacing effortlessly: what do we eat?

Here’s our “difficulty”. Ina wanted to take a much deserved break and while I wanted to help … I don’t really cook (except for … well … ok, I don’t cook!). We had food in our refrigerator; it just needed to be “prepared”, you see. And now I had to go through this painful decision time. Are we going to go out? If no, I need to go out and buy something. The problem was intensified by the fact that we didn’t want to eat the same thing we had last time. So, we went through the regular routine of the different options we have. As we grew tired of choosing, we decided to just go Chinese (Panda Express, in case you know what I am talking about). While I am at the restaurant I have to call her to see what exactly she wants (she has her preferences, right?!?). On the phone I tell her that for just $1.25 more you can get three entrée instead of just two, so we decided to go for that. After we’ve finished eating (on our comfortable couches, watching TV) we looked at each other and said: we should have taken just two entrée … that was too much!

In another place both very close by and very far away other people ask the same question. For them the question has a different rating of difficulty. If for my wife and I and probably for you (if you are reading this) the difficulty lies in choosing between so many options, in getting off our comfort … for other people it lies in not having anything to eat. When you ask yourself “what do I eat?” and your crisis springs not from a lack of food, you need to know:

    1. YOU ARE RICH !!!
    2. Someone right that moment just died of hunger

Same question, everyone ask it, such radical contrasts. It made me think … I hope you do too.

We can end poverty and we can do it in our lifetime!!!

You’re either the one who needs help or the one who needs to help.

So … ???