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Life is full of contradictions. The very fact we have a word for it, speaks to the reality of it. I’ve come to learn that to preserve the sanity of mind and allow to be captivated by the beauty that surrounds me in so many and diverse ways and forms I must embrace the paradox in life. I have to live in the tension of contradictions and wrap myself around all sides, so as to enjoy life as is, in all its fullness.

In our drive for certainty and stability we fall too often for the strong pull to settle in one quarter of life at the expense of the rest. We embrace one theory, one school of thought, one ideology, one tradition, one political party, one theological system and so on. We attach our identity to it and as we do we create an artificial universe that gravitates around our “adopted quarter”. Then life “happens” and our bubble is shaken and it’s shattered. Holding dear to our already established identity we deny or explain away the resulting disillusionment further compromising our integrity, who we really are. We make use of only one eye, so to speak, while keeping the other closed to the rest of the reality we’re presented with. We value and give our attention only to those things that align with our adopted position. We stop thriving and blossoming and interestingly enough we’re starting to blame life for our misfortune. We feel how death is making its inroads into our being.

I am wondering if maybe a better alternative is to submit to life in its entirety, embracing all its diverse and contradictory poles and allowing it to stretch us and grow us freely, uninhibited. Instead of using life as a means of living a certain created identity, what if we allow life to be the teacher. We don’t have to take control or manipulate life in order to extract meaning out of it. Actually, when we try to do that life seems to escape us. When we try to gain it, we loose it. We can’t be in control of life or we’ll waste it trying to chase an illusion. What’s tragic is that we can live and yet not experience life. I am wondering if the only way to really experience life is to let life happen to you, to let it interact with you, to listen to its voice. Not trying to make things happen, but to respond to what’s happening. This is in not a passive experience, but a very active one that acts and creates in harmony with what we’re presented with. We let life shape the direction or path we set on and create being in sync with its rhythm. We’re not trying to look for a “certain kind” of life anymore, but embrace life as is in its entirety. At times life will push to change into something different and it beckons us to alter it, at other times it just wants to be enjoyed, appreciated and discovered. The truth is we’re not deciding when to do what in life, life makes the choices for us, doesn’t it? We either can go with it and enjoy life or go against it and get hurt in life.

Does this resonate with you? Do you find yourself at times at odds with life? What do you do or what have you done at those times? Do you find my suggestion making sense? Am I the only one thinking about this? Either way, chime in.